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At From Within Counseling, we have experience treating clients suffering from a wide variety of concerns including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, substance abuse, addiction and many more. We use various therapeutic approaches to treat your concerns and will tailor your treatment to best suit your needs.

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We all experience stress and anxiety from time to time. It is a very natural way that our body has to tell us that something is wrong or needs our attention. Stress and anxiety become a problem when we experience these feelings and there is no real threat to our well-being. Fortunately, you do not have to live with anxiety, stress or fear. Therapy is often the most successful way of treating these symptoms because it allows us to uncover the underlying causes of our worries or fear. At From Within Counseling, we can teach you to learn to relax, to look at situations in new less-frightening ways and to develop better coping skills.


Occasional ups and downs are a normal part of life and we do what we can to learn to manage. However, when the lows you experience make it difficult to function or enjoy life, you may need help. Fortunately, with therapy, there is a lot you can do to change how you feel. You can overcome your depression and get your life back. At From Within Counseling, we understand that no one treatment works for everyone. There are several approaches we can take to help you feel better. Whether you require immediate large life changes or need to start small and take things one day at a time, we will find the approach that works for you and will help you to feel good again.


Relationship issues can be very intense and painful and can have extremely deep roots. Pain caused by someone we love or care about often is the most difficult pain to understand and to deal with. Just because you are having difficulties with communicating or disagreements over important issues does not mean your relationship has to end. Every relationship has problems and at From Within Counseling we can help you to manage your problems and overcome crisis despite obstacles that at one point seemed impossible to overcome. We will help you set goals, clarify your needs and communicate more effectively. Strong relationships do not happen overnight but we will help you to develop the expectations, maturity and skills necessary to get on the right path in a healthy and productive way.


Just as you can improve your physical fitness by working at it, you also can improve your emotional health. From Within Counseling will teach you to develop a strong emotional foundation and will set you up for success. You will be in control and will be ready life's day-to-day challenges. We will also help you with goal setting and development of strong relationships in order to help you succeed in whatever goals you have set for yourself.


Although social acceptance of different sexual orientation has improved greatly over the last 20 years, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and intersex (LGBTI) individuals still face prejudices and a stigma that many "straight" people do not. Dealing with social acceptance and coming out to one's family can create a great deal of anxiety and stress for LGBT individuals and oftentimes leads to a feeling of low self-esteem or self-worth. At From Within Counseling, we have extensive experience working with the LGBT communities in both Arizona and New York City and understand the unique challenges that LGBT individuals face. We welcome clients of all sexual orientations and identities, young and old.


Physical or psychological dependence can have serious negative impacts on your life. Traditionally reserved for alcohol and drugs, addiction actually includes many other things such as gambling, nicotine and eating disorders, to name a few. While we all have habits, addiction should be considered when behaviors include feelings of shame, remorse, denial or secretive behavior. Addiction is often used as a coping mechanism to overcome stressful situations or to deal with painful emotions. At From Within Counseling, we employ various therapeutic techniques to help you overcome your addiction while also focusing on the emotions or situations underlying these behaviors. Understanding and treating the triggers that influence addiction adds to the likelihood of success with treatment.


Grief is a very common reaction that people feel after loss. While many associate grief with loss of a loved one, it can also be experienced after loss of a job, health or even divorce. People experience grief in different ways and these experiences are often influenced by cultural beliefs and personality. For some, the grieving process is short lived and self manageable while for others it is a very long process that might involve regret, anger, abandonment, relief or self-blame. In some cases, grief can be so overwhelming and life-altering that a person experiences stress, anxiety or depression. At From Within Counseling, we understand that grieving is a process and each of us must go through whatever is necessary to overcome these overwhelming feelings. We will help guide you through the natural reactions to loss and develop coping mechanisms to heal from the pain.


Many people struggle with clearly communicating their thoughts and feelings. For some, an even greater challenge is being a good listener. Poor communication skills can lead to unnecessary arguments and misunderstandings that can be toxic to relationships and your career. At From Within Counseling, we can teach you effective communication techniques that include how to get your intended message across and how to be an effective and active listener. You will find that developing effective communication skills is an important foundation to success in all aspects of life; relationships, friendships and at work. Fortunately, we can help.


Self esteem is essentially the degree to which we have self-respect, self-worth and an overall good feeling about ourselves. Self-esteem often develops very early in life and certain influences as a child can have profound effect on how we see ourselves. Even those who have high self-esteem can suffer from moments of lowered self-worth or value as a result of a sudden life change or perceived failure. Therapy is very effective when dealing with self-esteem issues. Through a goal oriented approach, From Within Counseling works with clients to help them feel empowered again and regain control.


Many people experience trauma at some point in their lives and there is no right or wrong way to feel after a traumatic event. If you have suffered from trauma, you may be experiencing fear, danger, upsetting memories or vulnerability. You may be overwhelmed and unable to trust people or go about your normal routines. Therapy is an excellent way to learn skills to understand and cope with traumatic events. At From Within Counseling, we use various therapeutic techniques to help you face the traumatic event you experienced and to relieve psychological stressors, beginning the healing process and moving forward.


As with other addiction behaviors, sexual addiction can have serious negative impacts on your life; both physical and emotional. While most people enjoy sex and many have it often, it is when sexual behaviors become secretive or lead to feelings of remorse, despair, shame, guilt or compulsion that one may have an addiction. At From Within Counseling, we have many years of experience treating clients with sexual addiction and compulsiveness. Because of the dangers of sexual addiction, we will help you employ risk reduction strategies while we explore the triggers that lead to these behaviors and find ways to better cope.


One of the toughest things a person can encounter is the diagnosis of a chronic or terminal illness. Not only is this potentially devastating for an individual but it can have an enormous effect on family and friends. People often pass through multiple stages of grief when faced with chronic or terminal illness; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Additionally, people often feel fear and stress or anxiety. Seeking therapy to help guide oneself through these stages or to help deal with the emotions or feelings that result can make a world of difference to the ill person and their family. At From Within Counseling, we are here to listen and to help you through these difficult times.


CBT is a type of therapeutic treatment that focuses on the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviors. It is used to treat people suffering from a wide variety of issues including depression, anxiety, substance abuse, mood/personality disorders and eating disorders. People often experience thoughts or beliefs that can result in problematic or unhealthy behaviors that in turn effect relationships, family life, work or school. The goal of CBT is to help clients recognize these negative thoughts or beliefs, challenge their validity and learn to overcome them.


By using a non-judgmental and non-confrontational approach, MET is a therapeutic method that aims to increase a client's awareness of the potential problems that can be caused, consequences that may be experienced and risks that are faced by a certain behavior. It attempts to erase the ambiguity that is faced when considering certain behaviors and challenges clients to think about what might be gained through change. Therapists who employ MET in their practice help clients to envision a better future and become motivated to achieve it.


Traditionally used for post traumatic type therapy, EMDR is now also being used to treat anxiety and depression. EMDR is an interactive therapeutic approach that focuses on eliminating or reducing the stress that is associated with traumatic memories. It involves focusing on an external stimulus (traditionally eye movements) while attending to emotionally disturbing thoughts. These emotionally disturbing thoughts are then targeted and internal and external triggers are desensitized. This effectively removes the roadblock to healing and allows the mind to heal much like a physical wound would. Many studies have shown that clients undergoing EMDR therapy can benefit very quickly from sessions that traditional psychotherapy would have taken months to accomplish.
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